Baby Crocodile Stitch Bootees

As you probably know, I make a lot of these slipper boots and recently I have been getting lots of orders for them, people are buying for Christmas already!

The pattern I use is by Bonita Patterns, which can be found on Ravelry.  There are three pattern sizes to buy, baby, child and adult.  They all have five rows of the crocodile stitch for the boot cuff but I find on the baby size this makes the boot to tall for tiny baby legs.  So what I have started to do is just three rows of the crocodile stitch.  I think these make the bootees look really cute.  Here are some of my latest makes using just three rows.


As you can see they are not too tall for newborn babies and they only have two buttons on instead of three.


I thought these little boots would be suitable for boys so I put small wooden toggles on which I think add to the cuteness!

I also made a small pair in girl colours, which I added flower buttons to.


I added these to my Facebook page and got a few orders for them.


I’m going to make many more in different colours in this size as I think they are more suitable for newborn babies.  Hope you like them!


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