Free Pattern Friday – Baby Blankets/Afghans

I though it would be a good idea to add some free patterns to my blog, so I have decided to add these every Friday to give you something to look forward to.  Each week will be on a different topic and I aim to bring you at least five free patterns each time.  Now these patterns are not my own, so I will be adding links for each pattern for you to go to the correct website, that way I won’t be breaking any copyright rules, hopefully!  Also the photos used are from the original patterns and are also not my own.

So here here goes:

The first week I am focusing on Baby Blankets

First one is this gorgeous blanket by Alison LoBianco whose pattern I found on Ravelry.  I have made this blanket myself and it’s beautiful, what I also like about it is that it has a close stitch which is ideal for tiny baby fingers not getting caught up in it.



The next one I found and like is this bright striped one by a lady called Rebecca whose fantastic website Little Monkeys Crochet has a lot of lovely free patterns on.



I am definitely going to make this next one, I love how the squares are so delicately connected together.  This one is by Ideal Delusions and has a great tutorial with the pattern.



Well I have to say, this has got to be my favourite!  It is absolutely gorgeous and on my ever growing to do list!  This is by Tamara Kelly and I found the pattern on



And last but not least this lovely basket weave blanket by Joanne L.  I found this pattern on her website Craft Passion.

Image curtesy of craft

Image curtesy of craft


I hope you have enjoyed these patterns?  Next week I will be bringing the best scarf and shawl patterns I find on the Internet.


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