Cute Bunny Comfort Blanket/Lovey

Let me start by saying that my daughter, who is 25, is very much like ‘no I don’t want anything making thank you’ and ‘yes I like it but I don’t want one’!  So when her boyfriend became an uncle to his brother’s first baby boy, I asked if they would like anything making for him.  As you can imagine the answer was, I will ask and let you know.  Well a week before they were due to visit the new baby, who lives in Ireland, she said to me could you please make a little lovey blanket for us to take for him?  So I set about making this for him.


I used a beautifully soft yarn called Flutterby by James C Brett, it is so cuddly and has a chenille feel to it.  I made the main square in a waffle stitch, which is my favourite stitch for baby blankets.  The size I did was about 15 inch square which I think is just the right size.  I edged it in a crab stitch and for the bunny head I followed a pattern on YouTube by a lovely lady called Yolanda Soto Lopez, here is a link to her pattern Yolanda used a granny square for her blanket but I prefer the waffle stitch, you can use whatever pattern you prefer.


Well my daughter was delighted with this little lovey blanket or blankie as it can sometimes be called.  I shared a photo of it on a crochet page on Facebook and a lady asked me if I would make her two for twins. The twins were a boy and a girl so she wanted one in blue and one in pink.  For these I used James C Brett Baby Soft yarn.  I was really pleased with how these turned out and the lady who ordered them was also delighted.  These are how they looked when finished.


 I hope you have enjoyed looking at these cute little comfort blankets and it has given you some ideas if you want to make one? Thank you for looking.


5 thoughts on “Cute Bunny Comfort Blanket/Lovey

    • Hi Jamie, I used a 6mm hook for this as it’s made in chunky wool. If you would like any help in making one just let me know. The waffle stitch can sound confusing at first but once you get into it, it’s quite easy and a lovely stitch to do, it’s my favourite.


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