Review of ‘My Crochet Project Bible’

I have recently bought this great note book designed to log all your crochet projects, what wool/yarn you used, what size hook and any notes you want to make.  It is such a brilliant little book and a must for anyone who crochets.  It is made from good quality paper and is a handy A5 in size.


The first page inside the book has a very useful conversion sheet, which gives information on the different terminology used in UK and USA crochet stitches. As a lot of crochet patterns these days can be in USA terminology, this handy page can save you making mistakes. This page also has a guide of what the symbols mean that some patterns have and also a conversion of UK and USA yarn types. This is a very helpful and informative page.


The next page is a recommended size guide. This page is a great guide for different sizes in hats, blankets and throws, scarves and other bits and bobs like hand towels and dish cloths. This is such a handy page, no more looking things up on the Internet, it’s all there, in front of you. I love this, it’s so helpful.

Opposite is another very useful page explaining the different crochet term abbreviations.  A list of all the abbreviated terms used in books and magazines and what they mean.  A great help if you are just starting out on your crochet journey and don’t know what they mean.


The next two pages inside the book are for notes and doodles.  Again another useful thing that has been added by the creator of this fab book.  A place to keep notes of ideas and information you pick up along your way.

Note pageimage

The rest of the book are the pages to log your crochet patterns, with spaces to write what yarn/wool you used, what size crochet hook was used and lots of other information.  On the opposite page is graph paper where you can either make notes or I personally think this is just the place to draw out graphghans which are becoming very popular at the moment.


So there you have it, my review on ‘My Crochet Project Bible’.  As you can probably tell, I think this book is amazing and I will be buying many more to give as Christmas presents!  These books are made by a lovely lady called Lucy Hart and they can be bought from her on eBay for just £7.49 plus postage.  Click here to get yours.







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