Crocodile Stitch Slipper Boots

I have made many pairs of these lovely slipper boots.  I get many orders for them in all sizes and colours at Christmas time.  I love making these and I love it when people first see them and say ‘Oh aren’t they beautiful!  I wish I could say that this is my pattern but unfortunately it isn’t.  It is a paid for pattern on Ravelry by Bonita Patterns, it is only a small fee to pay and once you have bought it you can make many pairs of these beautiful boots.  The pattern is so easy to follow and is made in three parts, the sole, the shoe part and then the crocodile cuff.

Baby Slippers

Baby Slippers


Sparkly Blue Slippers

Sparkly Blue Slippers

Baby Slippers

Baby Slippers

Children's size 6-7

Children’s size 6-7



If you don’t know how to do the crocodile stitch there is a great video on Youtube by The Crochet Crowd, I found that the best one to follow, the stitch is a little hard to do at first but once you have mastered it, it is great to do.  Here are a few photos of some I have made.


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